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Mobile Solutions

Ultra-Mobile PC—Bolster the development of extremely portable, lightweight, fully-featured, go-anywhere Microsoft Windows® XP computers.

Windows® Automotive—Help build the next generation of Microsoft technology and tools that deliver a broad range of navigation, communication, information, and in-car entertainment solutions.

Smartphones—Pull out all the stops in mobile phone technology. Smartphones have all the functions of a great mobile phone but with e-mail, Web browsing, instant messaging, music downloads, and more.

Business Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics™—Drive solutions for automating and streamlining financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes in ways that help our customers thrive.

Groove—Create the next feature set for Microsoft® Office Groove® 2007, our fleet-footed collaboration software that helps teams work together more effectively—anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

Home Entertainment

Microsoft® TV—Improve the functionality of IPTV, which delivers hundreds of channels and features like video-on-demand to TVs via phone lines.


Xbox®—Continue the gaming revolution that is Xbox, our insanely popular and powerful gaming platform that encompasses Xbox and Xbox 360™ systems, our premier Xbox Live® online gaming service, and unique digital entertainment experiences that revolve around gamers.

Microsoft Game Studios—Build on the success of such Microsoft classics as “Age of Empires®,” “Microsoft Flight Simulator®,” and “Halo®” as you bring your passion and expertise to the development of bold new gaming visions.

Speech Recognition

Microsoft® Speech Server—Help create speech-enabled applications that are accessible by standard telephones, cell phones, PDAs, Tablet PCs, smart phones, and desktop PCs.


Microsoft® Windows® Compute Cluster Server—Expand the functionality of this versatile solution that brings the enormous power of high-performance computing to desktop and workgroup computers using a familiar Windows®-based development environment.

Mapping Systems

Microsoft® Virtual Earth™—Help perfect new releases of our mapping and location service that combines our Microsoft® MapPoint® Web Service with high-demand innovations around bird's eye, satellite, and aerial imagery, map styles, usability, and enhanced local search.

Online Services

MSN®—Help drive demand or create new offerings in MSN, with broad opportunities in MSN® Search, Windows Live™ Spaces, MSN® Music, Windows Live™ Messenger, video, and dozens of other online services and applications.

Microsoft® Office Live Meeting—Build new features for our popular online collaboration and meeting solution to new heights as you help our customers meet with colleagues, customers, and suppliers without leaving their desks.

Microsoft® Live Labs—Apply your insights to the development of Internet-centric applied-research programs, including rapidly prototyping and launching of emerging technologies, incubating entirely new inventions, and improving and accelerating Windows Live™ offerings.

Digital Media

Windows Media® Player—Improve the performance and user experience for our breakthrough digital media solution for consumers.


Microsoft® SQL Server™—Help increase awareness for our comprehensive database platform that provides enterprise-class data management with integrated business intelligence (BI) tools.


Microsoft® Robotics Studio—Cultivate customers for our Windows®-based environment that allows academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers to easily create robotic applications for a wide variety of computing platforms.

Development Platforms

Microsoft® .NET Framework—Help the developer community implement many of our widely-adopted common language runtime and class libraries for creating a host of new software applications and Web services.

Microsoft® Visual Studio®—Develop new features for our flagship developer tool platform that simplifies and streamlines the creation of dynamic Windows®, Web, mobile, and Microsoft® Office-based solutions.