Компоненты для работы с HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3

Вот эти «хлебные крошки»* MSDN Home > Visual Studio > Extending Visual Studio > Affiliate Home Page ведут к набору компонентов для работы с HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3.


Компания RemObjects предлагает «Internet Pack 'Vinci' for .NET»:


The main goal of Internet Pack is to abstract the already powerful and relatively easy to use Socket classes of the .NET framework to provide a library that makes it easy to implement the different communication protocols commonly used on the Internet, as well as to implement custom forms of network communication. Built on top of this flexible and highly scalable architecture, Internet Pack provides ready-to-use client and server components for many protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3, and more components are added over time. Internet Pack for .NET is available as a free download including full source, under the Internet Pack License.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable to use base framework
  • Flexible and highly scalable architecture
  • Extendable Connection class allows you to easily integrate custom encryption or compression solutions
  • Extendable FTP Server framework and VirtualFTP sample implementation
  • CommandBasedServer and Client based components allow you to easily implement your own command based protocols (such as SMTP, FTP Command Connection, etc.)

Пока не смотрел, но судя по описанию, там есть на что посмотреть.

То что есть исходник – это хорошо. Но можно и без него обойтись, если сборки не обфусцированы (см. Reflector) ;)


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